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Atkinson Elementary School

Portland, OR / Atkinson Elementary School

All Kids Bike® is a national movement led by the Strider Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in Kindergarten PE class.
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    Katherine Clayton

    $52.50 / 5 days ago

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    Christina Wheatley

    $50.00 / 5 days ago

    Excited to support Atkinson kindergartens learning to bike.

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    Mavia Haight

    $26.25 / 6 days ago

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    Devon Roulette

    $26.25 / 6 days ago

    Thank you for helping to bring this program to Atkinson Mrs. Sanchez.

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    $26.25 / 6 days ago

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    Molly Earle

    $26.25 / 6 days ago

    I missed the opportunity to help fundraise for the music program at Atkinson today, so I’m happy that a community member shared another fundraiser happening at our school! Please join me in helping raise money for the PE program - donate to the Strider Education Fundraiser!

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    Lenore Eklund

    $26.25 / 6 days ago

    Enjoy the ride!

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    Stephani Hayden

    $52.50 / 6 days ago

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    Rosa Yadira Ortiz

    $21.00 / 6 days ago

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    $52.50 / 6 days ago

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    Harmony Quiroz

    $26.25 / 6 days ago

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    Erin Lopez

    $63.00 / 14 days ago

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    Beth Essex

    $105.00 / 21 days ago

  • F4150bfe69f4ba18c690b921afae0e2c? nophoto

    Sheri Yoakum

    $52.50 / 38 days ago

    I'm delighted to support this wonderful program!! Thank you to Mrs. Sanchez for inviting me to contribute. I wish this would have been available when my children were in grade school!

About Atkinson Elementary School

Atkinson Elementary School is seeking support for a complete Kindergarten PE Program, including a fleet of 24 Strider AKB-Specific Bikes, helmets, pedal conversion kits, one Strider 20-inch Bike for teacher instruction, and curriculum.