All Kids Bike is on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in Kindergarten PE class.

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About Cycle of Influence

The Cycle Of Influence summit was held in Bentonville, AR on September 6-8, 2022. People from various walks of life and a myriad of backgrounds came together to discuss how to improve cycling in America. Talking about ideas is the beginning. Acting on those ideas is paramount. One such idea is to shift the paradigm of public education in America to include teaching kids to ride bikes in kindergarten PE class. 

The All Kids Bike program is doing just that, one school at a time. The beauty of the All Kids Bike program in the melting pot of the public school really means ALL kids… boys, girls, rich, poor, black, white, athletic, awkward, book-smart or street-savvy! All Kids on Bikes is a good thing for our nation! Multiple schools in Arkansas WANT this program, but don’t have the funds in their budget. The one-time cost to fully fund a school is $6,000. That includes teacher training and certification, classroom curriculum, a fleet of 24 Strider 2-in-1 balance-to-pedal bikes, fully adjustable helmets, and an instructional bike for the teacher. 

Thanks to a grant from Trailblazers.Org and the Walton Family Foundation, we have matching fund to make this happen fast. Our goal with this campaign is to raise $3,000, secure the matching $3,000 grant, and fund the school before the kids break for Christmas this December. For some perspective, the typical school serves about 100 kindergarten children each year. The life of the program is 7-10 years, so this one-time funding will give 700-1,000 kids the life-changing, lifetime skill of how to ride a bike. That’s about the cost of a Grande Iced Mocha per kid. Let’s do this!