All Kids Bike is on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in Kindergarten PE class.
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About Wide Open Brew

For the love of motorcycles, coffee, and photography James & Zac have always had one thing most in common “COFFEE.” So, the decision was made to start a coffee company that incorporates all 3 -Motorcycles, Coffee & Photography! 

James Carter, a professional freestyle motocross rider, has always had a love for anything with two wheels from BMX bikes to Dirt Bikes. James has traveled the world to ride his dirt bike! His love for motorcycles has taken him to just about every state in the US and all the way to Australia, Dubai, Indonesia, Europe, South America, Israel, and many more places! His love for coffee is right up there with motorcycles and if you ask anyone, they know James must find a coffee shop or have a coffee in his hand no matter where he goes!

Zac Meier a professional photographer/videographer since 2016. Zac has worked with many brands traveling all over the world to take photographs. Along with pointing a camera, Zac started an apparel company named Static Collective. You can say he is a busy guy. This means he needs a lot of energy, which is where the love of coffee came about. Just like James, everywhere Zac goes, he must get a cup of coffee. Give Zac coffee, cameras, and motorcycles, and he'll be smiling from ear to ear living life wide open. 

Made for the riders, rule-breakers, and everyday risk-takers, Wide Open Brew is a coffee company that fuels open roads, open minds, and a life lived wide open. Born from passion, and raised with tenacity, Wide Open Brew was curated by a professional freestyle motocross rider and a professional photographer with grit, gumption, and a good taste for coffee.' "Going wide open" was a common catchphrase amongst two-wheeled enthusiasts and has since become the motto of our brand: To live life wide open.

Because we're nonconformists by nature, we don't subscribe to playing small, riding slow or drawing within the lines, and neither should you. Whether you're on the go, blazing trails, putting in laps at the track, or breaking limits, we're all about fueling the daily grind. Since strong living calls for strong coffee, our brand brings you a burly roast so you can fuel your day, fuel your goals and fuel your life….wide open.