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All Kids Bike is on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in Kindergarten PE class.
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About Our Lady of Sorrows Academy

"A large percentage of our students come from low, single income families with multiple dependents making items like bicycles hard to come by. By giving our kindergartners the ability to learn how to ride a bike, we can give our students confidence, social interaction, exercise to help develop balance and stabilizer muscles all while having fun. Riding a bike is an important milestone in a child’s life and children are spending less and less time outdoors nowadays while parents have less quality time with them. If we can help our students with this milestone at school and teach them the joys of biking, it would be tremendous. These lessons will be carried with them throughout their lifetime!" Learning Loss Coordinator, Rachel E. 

Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary is seeking support for a complete Kindergarten PE Program, including a fleet of 20 Strider AKB-Specific bikes, helmets, pedal conversion kits, one Strider 20-inch bike for teacher instruction, 2 steel rolling storage racks, and curriculum.